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What we do

VIVIFIED|3D is an actor in a broad range of 3D projects, from the very early development phases to the final roll-out. We work closely with product designers, marketing teams and advertising agencies to produce compelling 3D images that captures the imagination, speeds up development processes and bring vivid ideas to life. This will also help project owners to retain focus and keep an air of inspiration high in the whole project group.

Digital Prototyping

Gives conceptual design, manufacturing, and sales & marketing departments the ability to virtually explore the products before it is built. Digital Prototyping changes the traditional product development cycle from:

designbuildtestfix to designanalysetestbuild.

Instead of the need to build multiple physical prototypes and then testing them to see if the design works, companies can conduct testing digitally throughout the process by using Digital Prototyping, reducing the number of physical prototypes needed to validate the design.


To produce beautifully sharp, compelling realistic images & animations of product designs from CAD data, technical drawings or even sketches for packaging, print and online marketing.
Reduce the costs of appearance models and studio photography.

Creative Experience

VIVIFIED|3D has a broad experience of concept developments and graphic design projects spanning many years for customers like; SCA Hygiene Products, The Swedish Club, SAAB Automobile AB, Shell, Bang & Olufsen, Orkla, Siemens, Nycomed Pharma, KappAhl, Renault, Volvo Cars, Volvo Lastvagnar, Chalmers, Forever Living and Swedish Tax Agency.

SCA Libresse

Digital Prototype

SCA Hygiene Products

Libresse ™

3D house


3D character

3D Character

SCA Hygiene Products

3D character

3D Animation

SCA Hygiene Products

SCA Roll Press Go


SCA Hygiene Products

3D cans product visualisation

Product Visualisation

Forever Living

Ultra Shaker ™

How to find us

Notariegatan 23, SE-511 62 SKENE, Sweden
+46 (0) 709 623 900

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